Hydrogen / deuterium exchange data analysis that makes sense.

HDX Workbench is an established feature rich software platform for the analysis of hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry data from Waters or Thermo instruments. Allowing users to quickly calculate deuteration levels for peptides, it integrates intuitive visualization tools to provides everything you need to understand and report protein conformation in the presence of HDX.


Software improvements have greatly reduced the time it takes to complete data analysis of HDX data but there remains much room for improvement. The statistical filter tool allows for quick and automatic identification and removal of outliers. The bulk discard tool, native library access and ability to curate multiple peptide data simultaneously allows you to get through your data as fast as possible.


Improvements in the detection algorithm have produced more true positive identifications. The spectral view tools provide the means to understand and calculate centroids accurately so you can have confidence in your downstream results.


View your data from the raw spectra to sequence coverage heat maps and tabular views in a way that is relevant. Understand exactly how to get from averaged isotopic envelopes, to centroids, to individual peptides on sequence coverage maps, to residue calculated results in an easy to use interface.


Presentation is everything when trying to distill information from large data sets. Present your results in sequence coverage heat maps, residue consolidated heat maps across multiple differential experiments, color coded tables or onto a 3D protein structure. View your results in a way that makes sense.