Getting Started

Set up Project, Protein definition and Initial Detection of Peptides in Undeuterated Raw Files

T0 Detect

This video covers the detection of peptides in the 0s raw files and review of the results, and creation of on exchange peptide list from these results.

HDX On Exchange Detect

Launch the previously saved peptide list from the undeuterated detect and search the on exchange raw files.

The Differential View (Perturbation View)

This is the main interface for the software that allows you to view your spectra and curate the HDX data.

The Spectral View

Analyze the spectra in a way that makes sense and visually understand exactly what goes into your downstream deuteration results.

Single Sample Experiment Comparison

Cut data analysis time in half for multi ligand or epitope mapping studies. A recent feature added to the software allows users to set up several single sample experiments, analyze the data, and then compare any pair of experiments. Here’s how to set this up and use the downstream features.

Import Peptide Sets

Quickly import peptide sets from any source in any format. The software will find the column data needed automatically and allow user changes.

Add Existing Modification to a Peptide

Applying a modification to a peptide is a straightforward process. A separate video is coming soon to show how to create a custom modification.

Add New User Login

The software has data management features that organize your project data into experiments, and becomes more useful as your HDX data grows. All of these features are tied to a user login. This video shows you how to create a new user.