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We have become very familiar with both the economic and business objectives of independent sponsors, and have gained an appreciation for the variety of approaches independent sponsors have with respect to their role in a target company post-closing. The need for the capital provider to control the deal is in many times a deal killer for independent sponsors. Independent sponsors want to be confident that the capital provider has backed more than one transaction with a single independent sponsor and operates with a relationship-building focus, as opposed to a transactional view. Ocean Avenue Capital Partners 401 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1020 Santa Monica, CA 90401. Client data, emails, calls, agreements, regulatory requirements, etc. Our role is to support management with strategic guidance and our ability to identify, evaluate, and execute add-on acquisition opportunities. Working closely with affiliated fund managers, we develop custom-tailored solutions that satisfy administrative, financial and regulatory requirements. They have worked on over 15 transactions for me raising capital in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars.| Tel: 314.783.9550 Running a deal and putting it into the market has more moving pieces than you would ever realize. Both are crucial to getting good Independent Sponsor economics and maintaining a great relationship between all parties. While there is no longer a scarcity of capital, first-time sponsors do not yet have strong relationships. This may include including origination, carry, and annual management fees. INDEPENDENT SPONSOR FINANCING SOLUTIONS. As theindependent sponsor modelevolves and institutional capital partners become more selective, it is increasingly important for the sponsor to "addvalue" either by taking on an operational role in the acquired companyor through an active board member/advisory role. Selecting the right capital partner is critical for independent sponsors. Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs), Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) Services, Financial Modeling and Decision Analytics, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Assistance, Managed and Outsourced Services to Administer and Safeguard Public Funds, Mitigate Enterprise Risk & Achieve Compliance, Gamechangers in ESG Awards 2023: Coming Soon, CohnReznick: Advisory, Assurance, Tax Firm, For independent sponsors, access to capital is no longer a constraint, Business of Baseball: Highlights From Past Seasons. Managed Services and Outsourced Accounting. In an M&A market that is unpredictable and uncertain, its strategic investors time to shine. At CohnReznick, we've noticed that successful independent sponsors meet unique challenges with unique solutions, and we've invited members of the independent sponsor community to take Center Stage to share their achievements, contributions, and unique approaches to achieving their goals. Sure, if you are a first-time sponsor, you have hurdles to overcome in getting that initial deal financed. You have direct access to our team of experienced professionals, from senior investment bankers all the way down to analysts. It is very easy for an Independent Sponsor to waste time when the clock is ticking and go down the wrong path when raising capital for their transactions. I would recommend FCP for any capital raising, transaction or sale oriented services. Weve coached hundreds of Independent Sponsors through the business-buying process in the last 26+ years. ACP has developed a tailoredapproach to helpindependent sponsors efficiently secure the right debt and equity capital partners, on the best economics terms. As your confidant and guide we will get you through the process and coach you every step of the way. Quadecs Founder and Principal, Dave Hiemstra, has over 22 years of experience with middle market companies. The first step is downloading our White Paper, How Independent Sponsor clients get better economics. This report will show you how you can improve your Independent Sponsor economics and what we are seeing in the marketplace. Private debt funds have flexibility in their capital structures, with many able to pick up a sizable piece of the equity needs. Weve raised over $1 BILLION for our Independent Sponsor clients since 1996. This network knows the high standards we have when selecting our clients and the Independent Sponsor deals we work on. You will not go wrong having Bob on your team. What we offer to independent sponsors. And frankly, being an owner just makes good sense. In the end, results are what matter - and they were professionally delivered. No other investment bank has specialized in helping Independent Sponsors raise capital as long as we have. We've changed the way the independentsponsorssecurecapital and strive to be aninnovator in the space. We partner closely with fellow private equity firms both as an equity co-investor or debt provider in support of a private equity sponsored buy-out. If you'd like to explore a career with Access Capital Partners, please contact us. I cannot say it any more strongly than this - Bob saved my company. They are my go to shop for financing for my portfolio companies. Florida court: No homestead tax exemption on exclusively rented residence, Pre-award compensation considerations: The best things in life arent free, Sun joins CohnReznick as Principal, Cybersecurity, Real estates pivot to purpose: Plan around people first. Dave was born and raised in the Midwest and earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, where he also earned his Masters of Business Administration degree with high distinction. You know that you can make a real difference on the bottom line. An ability to provide dry powder for add-on acquisitions. This makes our incentives much more aligned with all the shareholders, including sellers who maintain a stake in their company. And when its time to choose someone to help you navigate the ups and downs of buying a business you NEED someone that has helped Independent Sponsors close deals for over two decades. A successful and referenceable track record of working with independent sponsors. That means we get to know you, your deal, and your exact specific needs. We work directly with companies, through intermediaries, in conjunction with fellow private equity and independent sponsors, and alongside operators. Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other customers and is no guarantee of future performance or success. Well be the answer to your questions, the sounding board when youre frustrated, and the first to toast you at the closing. Consequently, they must find creative new ways to differentiate themselves. Farragut Capital Partners is a privately held investment firm offering subordinated debt and private equity capital to entrepreneurs, business owners, private equity firms, and independent sponsors. Accelerate Success Under the Independent Sponsor Model, INDEPENDENT SPONSOR CAPITAL RELATIONSHIPS, We've Spent Years Building Relationships You Can Leverage, Traditional and Non-TraditionalProviders of Private Capital, Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs), THE INDEPENDENT SPONSORS' INVESTMENT BANK, Associates of Access Capital Partners are registered representatives of, and securities transactions are conducted through, StillPoint Capital, LLC, Member. Successful investment candidates typically have the following characteristics: Minimum EBITDA of $3.0 million, a history of profitable operations and margins that meet or exceed industry averages; The Escrow Agent will continue to hold such funds until Cornell Capital Partners, LP on behalf of the Investor(s) and Company execute a Joint Written Direction directing the Escrow Agent to disburse the Escrow Funds pursuant to Joint Written Direction signed by the Company and the Investor(s).. Potomac Capital Management LLC is the General Partner of . The average size of an angel investor investment on our site is $250,000. While no two transactions are alike, historically, ACP clients have achieved above market deal fees, ongoing compensation, management fees and equity participation. 313.237.5100 | One Towne Square, Suite 1400, Southfield, MI 48076, 2023 Peninsula Capital Partners | Terms & Conditions. Fit matters in a partnership, especially as an independent sponsor. As a firm principally dedicated to investing in non-traditional buyouts and other leveraged transactions, we have the institutional expertise and flexibility to understand and structure a customized capital solution for independent sponsor deals. His expertise is unmatched. Perhaps the biggest takeaway in the still growing and maturing independent sponsor sector is that finding capital, both debt and equity, is no longer a top concern. Unfortunately, we often hear horror stories from independent sponsors about capital partners that re-trade deals, back out at the last minute or become less than ideal partners after a transaction closes. For more information on Broker Dealers and Registered Representatives visit ACP has developed a tailoredapproach to helpindependent sponsors efficiently secure the right debt and equity capital partners, on the best economics terms. Be careful not to fall into the trap of accepting below market economics if you can avoid it. Frisch Capital Partners is the premier investment bank to help Independent Sponsors raise capital for their transactions. We provide an extensive list of Insurance products to suit whatever your needs may be. Provide introductions to service providers and senior lenders. Most importantly, we were personally inspired by the gracious manner you brought to each discussion your presence elevated us in an impactful way and made us all better! In this latest Government Contractor Valuation tracker, we share key valuation indicators to help GovCon management teams and investors keep track of industry valuation benchmarks and trends. If you'd like to explore a career with Access Capital Partners, please. Frisch is our go-to partner in capital raising. This may include including origination, carry, and annual management fees. Sharing the deal economics. Get to know Douglas Song, Alberto Garofalo, and Matthew Cohen as they share insights as members of the independent sponsor community. Due to our success, we now have our own fund. We look forward to working with Bob and Drew on future opportunities. your closing fees, management fees, carried . We look forward to working with Bob and Drew on future opportunities. The military's statement raised the likelihood of a renewed surge in the nearly weeklong violence that . We believe our investment flexibility and ability to customize our investment and equity participation to the unique features of each transaction sets us apart in the transactional finance industry. For intermediaries working on the buy side or those who refer a company to us, we pay customary success fees. Here are 6 guidelines to help you get the most out of the independent sponsor model: 1. Despite the economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, key takeaways from the summit were that independent sponsors have generally thrived during the pandemic, they continue to grow stronger as an alternative to traditional private equity firms, and the outlook for them in 2021 remains positive. Capital providers are no longer in the drivers seat. Hestia Capital Highlights Recent Support from Two Leading Independent Proxy Advisory Firms. Throughout the transaction, your wisdom, steady hand and goodwill were vital to the successful commercial outcome achieved on behalf of all parties. We are particularly focused on situations where management or current business owners are seeking a liquidity event, but also have a desire to retain a meaningful ownership stake and pursue organic and acquisitive growth. The ideal independent sponsor funding source embraces the independent sponsor model because they want to, not because they have to. To do so, we look for opportunities to pair our capital, industry expertise, and resources with strong management teams looking to take their businesses a step further. As an independent sponsor financing firm, Access Capital Partners has put together a brief overview that outlines how independent sponsors can both maximize their independent sponsor economics, as well as achieve long term majority ownership of the businesses in which they invest. , Associates of Access Capital Partners are registered representatives of, and securities transactions are conducted through, StillPoint Capital, LLC, MemberFINRAandSIPC, Tampa, FL. SCALE OR START YOUR BUSINESS WITH CAPITAL Raise $25,000 To $1,000,000. During the honeymoon period of the transaction, its easy for things to go well. Here are 3 traits shared by great independent sponsor funding sources: The proposedindependent sponsor economics(transaction fee / promote, carried interest or ownership / ongoing management fee) are designed to reward the sponsor for the value delivered and to incentivize them to grow the business being acquired. This is something smaller funds cant do. Private equity value creation: Accelerate growth with strategic, smooth M&A. In some industries, weve seen record EBITDA multiples, while in others, EBITDA is at an all-time low. While "independent sponsors" have been around for many years, the number of independent sponsors is at an all-time high and their credibility continues to climb. Many independent sponsors came with deep operating expertise, complementing the strength of their existing deal teams. Invaluable is a word that gets tossed around indiscriminately these days - Bob's guidance was truly invaluable in our case. 3. Well do whatever it takes to get the deal done. FCP has always believed that the Independent Sponsor client is as important as the deal itself. Access Capital Partners is not affiliated with StillPoint Capital, LLC. From our experience, receiving numerous offers (term sheets/proposals) always results in favorable economics and terms for our clients. Our capital is used to facilitate growth, acquisitions, recapitalizations, management buy-outs, generational transfers, and other ownership . WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Independent sponsors, family offices, private equity funds, other alternative investors, senior, unitranche and mezzanine lenders, and pensions and endowments General Schedule Speakers C P Carr Preston Managing Director Akoya Capital, LLC C C Christian Cantalupo Partner ASGARD Partners & Co. N C Nathan Chandrasekaran Partner Youre getting the best with decades of experience in raising capital, mergers and acquisitions, private placements, operations and executive coaching. Create a funding request to ask for funding from over 5,400+ investors. We work directly with companies, through intermediaries, in conjunction with fellow private equity and independent sponsors, and alongside operators. We are still looking to invest in great deals, including those sourced by independent sponsors. They are my go to shop for financing for my portfolio companies. Earlsfort Capital Partners Limited, a non-bank property lender, has launched a new lending vehicle, Earlsfort Development Finance DAC, dedicated to providing construction finance for residential . additional capital. We dont mess around: we can get your deal into the market in a week instead of the 30+ day lead time other firms require. Our great success with independent sponsors owes to the fact that we are uniquely qualified to evaluate, structure and close such deals. Sudan's military has ruled out negotiations with a rival paramilitary force, saying it would only accept its surrender. Frisch Capital Partners offer operational and industry expertise that many investors, whether established private equity firms or otherwise, find ultimately contribute to the success of the investment. We do not necessarily require a control position as is common among private equity investors; rather, only a fair return and reasonable legal rights commensurate with the role we are being asked to fill in the transaction. The independent sponsor comes to the table with intimate industry knowledge, a value creation mindset, and the ability to roll up their sleeves. Having originated as an independent sponsor prior to our first fund, the model is in our DNA. I would recommend FCP for any capital raising, transaction or sale oriented services. Historically, we saw traditional lower middle market private equity firms leading the way with independent sponsors. From refining your thesis, marketing your deal, negotiating great Independent Sponsor . Quadec seeks to align companies and management teams with the appropriate capital structure to create enduring value. Independent Sponsor Spotlight: Rob Bauer of Bassett Creek Capital May 26, 2021 The interview below is part of a series from McGuireWoods that features interviews with impressive independent sponsors as part of our ongoing commitment to the independent sponsor community. We'll gladly provide guidance on transaction viability, structures and capital alternatives to help you refine which opportunities to pursue. In each case, our capital structure allows for creative financing solutions that work for everyone involved, and oftentimes the ability to get deals done others can't. Negotiating can be a difficult task. Contact. our whole focus is to not only raise the capital for your deal, but give you peace of mind that you are getting the best economics the market has to offer. You know you have the experience and expertise to take a company to the next level. No other investment bank has specialized in helping Independent Sponsors raise capital as long as we have. Our systems and proprietary process, along with our deep relationships in the marketplace, allow us to be extremely efficient. Save Time. Dave lives in Birmingham, MI with his wife and two daughters. In the end, results are what matter - and they were professionally delivered. Independent sponsors are using placement agents more frequently, running competitive processes, and syndicating the transaction. Examples of Capital Partners in a sentence. Center Stage with CohnReznick: Prodos Capital LLC. The medium- to longer-term implications of policies implemented by the new administration are also a consideration, but that doesnt seem to be slowing things down. We have extensive experience and competence in this very specialized area of transactional finance experience and competence we continue to share with the industry on a daily basis. As advisors to this expanding group of investors, we interact regularly with both new and long-time sponsors, as well as independent sponsor capital providers. I was delighted with their expertise, responsiveness, engagement and overall process management in a large and very successful engagement. | Suite 1151 | St. Louis, MO 63105 3 Traits of Great Independent Sponsor Capital Partners, The ideal independent sponsor funding source embraces the, The best funding sources are strategic they will enable growth by funding add-on acquisitions; they have helpful industry connections; they have insight on best practices to grow a business. We've changed the way the. meet the team: The Peninsula Funds seek to invest in superior middle-market companies requiring capital for an acquisition, expansion or recapitalization. He now dedicates his career to helping individuals buy companies, find greater success and live life on their own terms. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients from the beginning (Pre-LOI) to the end (the wiring of money). They have gotten financing structures that no one else could even approach thus increasing our rates of return. Access Capital Partners is a middle market investment bank focused exclusively on raising debt and equity capital for independent sponsors, executives and family offices. But what happens when situations arise and portfolio companies underperform, or the macroeconomic environment changes? With an intensive focus on the independent sponsor model, we understand the unique challenges that independent sponsors face in todays evolving market. "Independent sponsor" is an expansive and evolving category that may be understood to cover any transaction in which a sponsor first sources, diligences, and negotiates the recapitalization or buyout of an acquisition target and then subsequently seeks financing partners to close the transaction. My family and partners are eternally grateful to Bob for his assistance. 2. As you know, when an Independent Sponsor has a deal under exclusivity EVERY DAY MATTERS! Day and night, week-in and week-out. When you hire Frisch Capital you dont just get decades of finance/deal experience, but also get exceptional performance coaching. As independent sponsors, it is critical for us to find a capital partner who thinks collaboratively like an actual partner. . Greg Porto | email Greg Tobben | email, Access Capital Partners This online training will show you more about our Independent Sponsor model and how to prepare yourself to finally own a business of your own. Strategic investors take center stage in todays uncertain M&A environment. Our team has the relevant experience to help businesses grow and navigate through varying economic cycles, Our commitment to building strong partnerships is at the core of our investment philosophy, Our flexible approach allows us to creatively structure solutions for a variety of investment opportunities, 2023 Kirtland Capital Partners | 200 Park Avenue | Suite 225 | Orange Village, Ohio 44122 Phone: 216-593-0100 | Fax: 216-593-0240. CohnReznick refers to CohnReznick LLP or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. We strive to deliver competitive, flexible capital solutions with the right capital partners to support both . For all other general inquiries, please email: LEVERAGE OUR RELATIONSHIPS AND EXPERTISE. While the 2021 outlook is for a healthy M&A market, many potential participants are wondering if there could be a black swan event. If you bring a proprietary deal, at an attractive valuation, with a solid management team and growth plan to the table, you should be rewarded with . While there will always be a competitive element and some tension between private equity and independent sponsors, many different factors are pointing to an environment where both parties can work together to create value and thrive. They Embrace the Independent Sponsor Model. Before Peninsula, Dave spent 10 years at Strength Capital Partners, a committed capital and independent private equity firm in Birmingham, MI. We're growing andlooking for talented and driven individuals to join our team. Let us take the burden of raising capitaloff your shoulders, so you can focus on deal sourcing, building relationships with business ownersand growing existing portfolio companies. Colbeck sponsors its portfolio companies through consistent engagement with management teams in areas such as finance, capital markets and growth strategies, distinguishing itself from traditional lenders. As a segment of private equity growing in size and relevance, independent sponsors face a variety of unique challenges, including sourcing transactions, raising capital, and managing resources. Prior to founding Quadec Private Capital, Dave was a partner at Peninsula Capital Partners, a private equity and mezzanine capital provider in Detroit, MI focused on lower middle market transactions with independent sponsors.

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