jean lafitte treasure found in texas

He sold those at his location The Temple. The money that he sold them for was Spanish Coin, Reales usually in 2,4,8 denominations, minted in Mexico. When you cross Bayou Des Allemands on Hwy 90, looking down the bayou to the south its a short ride to where the primary temple location was. United States no choice but to pursue his arrest. Spanish soldiers in pursuit overtook the transport at Hendricks Lake and rather than give up the silver, the transport leader cut six wagonloads of silver loose and pushed them into Hendricks Lake. But there is no proof Lafitte scuttled a boat there, he says. During this time in New Orleans, Lafitte became a very rich man, acquiring extraordinary amounts of money, ships, and weapons. Latest local news from South Texas from KSAT12. As a former channel of the Sabine, Hendricks Lake is fed intermittently by Black Slough and by seasonal overflow from both Cherokee Bayou and the Sabine River. On 4 February 1823, Laffite was onboard the General Santander off the town of Omoa in Honduras. Click the image below to read our free eBook "The Big Book of Credit Union MythsBUSTED! Signup today for our free newsletter, Especially Texan. He married Cecilia Taylor, daughter of frontiersman Anson Taylor, who lost three sons at the Alamo. goal to once again evade U.S. seizure and to come back to it later. He was a French pirate and privateer. We report on vital issues from politics to education and are the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering everything from music to cultural events with insightful recommendations. Many believe the treasure still lurks under the water, just waiting to be discovered. chagrin of the locals that helped drain the swamp, there was no trace of the that is. wrong move on Lafittes mason rouge. In Texas they still search for a great deposit of silver and gold that Lafitte is reputed to have abandoned there. At one point, while wandering the beaches of Padre Island, he came across a bunch of Spanish coins. A lookout for alligators and venomous snakes is Just about every book written about Texas in that era mentioned it. Just another myth? Switching gears back to Louisiana, this Jean Lafitte tale quotes a former student of Mount Carmel Academy in New Orleans stating that the treasure is buried near an oak tree on the schools campus. The tree is privately owned, but sits right on the highway (FM 2100) just a few miles north of FM 1960. Most of the people were locals, from Lafourche Parish, the southern part, mainly Cut Off and Larose and the Gheens area, and also from the Des Allemands location. . And where? They did their research and, with dredging equipment and electronics gear, made multiple trips to Hendricks Lake but had no success. Watch an alligator bask on a bayous bank. Texas is full of buried bootyor, to be a bit more accurate, full of stories about buried booty that no one has been able to find. WebPerhaps not coincidentally, this was the same area where his former slave trading colleague Jean Lafitte had once had his headquarters. The most beautiful lakes in Texas are all excellent choices for a trip. Please note that some historians believe Lafitte had no significant treasure as he left Galveston or that he took his treasure with him to Louisiana. After pinpointing the wreck, he plans to have divers dig up to 9 feet deep for artifacts that might date or identify the ship. In the early 1800s, Stephen F. Austin, on his first trip to Texas, also heard about a rich silver mine on the San Saba River and a gold mine on the Llano. Was it buried underground or lost under water? And the ship berry bros found look for gold on land nearby. Bass is also tied to legends of treasure buried treasure in Burnet and Llano counties as well as Packsaddle Mountain, Lone Star Treasure reports. He was now legally authorized by Great Colombia to take Spanish ships. I always wondered why the searchers were only local, and that an organized big search never happened but it never did. the Texas Gulf Coast. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section! His headquarters was a two-story building which became known as Maison Rouge - so called as it was painted red.Around 1820, Lafitte reportedly married Madeline Regaud. Lafitte knew that his new business outfit was hidden well enough that U.S. officials wouldnt be able to find him. Lafitte's large fleet and multinational band of pirates, privateers, and smugglers caused havoc in the Gulf of Mexico for a decade. Forced to leave the city, Lafitte decided to set up shop on a small island in Barataria Bay, about 40 miles south of New Orleans, to continue his smuggling ways. during the Battle of New Orleans. He uses rain barrels to get his water. He wants to use equipment and divers to map the spot, try to identify the date and type of vessel, and assess whether it warrants further exploration. Get it? They also had a raft built from which large pipes were sunk into the lake bottom, and used a metal detector to search the sediment. This story was told to me several years ago by a man in his 80 s Back in 1940 or 41 two men hired to clean up around what is said to be Lafittes red house disapeared after a few days. The stolen bounty was part of the Mexican payroll in 1836 and its allegedly buried 5 feet deep near the oak tree. His exact whereabouts after that Emily McCullar is a senior editor covering pop culture, news, and Texas history. The parade of those who made documented efforts for the treasure included oilmen, a television repairman, a pharmacist, a grocery store owner, dirt contractors, water well diggers, fraudulent treasure hunting equipment hucksters, a heating and air-conditioning technician, and numerous other true believers. Searchers used aerial photos, underwater metal detectors, and magnetometers to aid in their efforts. I have a metal detector. Because of his track record and reputation, Jean Lafitte was still seen as a criminal in the eyes of the United States. Sherman, who died in 1879, said he was able to walk on its deck. Singer buried the chest after being forced to leave his home and returned several times in an effort to find his buried treasure but was never able to recover his fortune. Found bones of mamouth and Indian tools. Most who plied that area back then kept what they found close to the vest, and today that area is all open water, though many locals can still point out to you exactly where the Temple was. One time she wrote about sports. I studied it very well and found a hidden marking on a wall beside the stairs and a solid wall pit with a hole in the top. It's okay, because we're here to bust them! In 1935, his son, Edward Haven Sherman, joined with Herbert Interests of Houston in a plan to excavate the wreck, which they believed was loaded with gold, but for unknown reasons it was never accomplished, The Progress newspaper reported. games, shows, and moviesbut what if they werent made up just for the sake of As a backup plan, they would supply all adjacent markets with fresh fish on ice. The Galveston Daily News made light of the effort by suggesting they move their operation to the Gulf of Mexico since a good deal of wealth has been left under its waters by shipwrecks. A week after that humiliation, Paul Tatum clubbed a man to death after he made fun of Tatums attempt to drain the lake. Jean Lafitte became labeled by some as a She had his only known son, Jean Pierre Lafitte. wagons to be pushed down an embankment and into a lake. storytelling? But if you dont like that version of the legend there are others. That was more of his commerce center, again where he exchanged merchandise for coin. There is even an event in La Porte, Texas centered around the treasure called the Annual Search for Lafittes Gold.. It also mentions reports of larger sums of the treasure being buried in the appropriately-named small town of Lafitte, Louisiana. Excited about the history, research, and prospects of this This warrants some underwater metal detectors to be taken She attended college in the Houston area and changed her major twice (psychology, computer science, and finally criminal justice) before taking a leap of faith and dropping out to pursue a career in freelance writing. Anyway, buried treasure isnt just something fictional. In 1816 Jean Lafitte, who was reputed to be an agent of the Spanish government (Agent 13, to be exact), raided a Spanish vessel called the Santa Rosa. Its in the concrete shell stairs. Lots of glass also. Charles F. Grice, Interview by Gary Pinkerton, February 2019. A treasured mystery, Abilene Reporter-News, June 24, 1958. Some fishermen in the last century pulled several silver bars from those very waters with a hoop net. Well, my beloved fellow Texas readers, though I have no idea whether anything Im about to pass on to you is the slightest bit accurate, here are six of the supposedly great Texas treasures still waiting to be found. accessed May 01, 2023, Lets be honest, everybody loves a good treasure story. Although $25,000 worth of coins and jewelry have been accounted for, no one knows where the rest of the loot went, and Collins and Bass were killed before they revealed anything. residents of Texas have claimed that the treasure was buried somewhere along Since the U.S. claimed much of Laffites fortune as its own once he left Galveston, Laffite is believed to have buried an enormous treasure on one of the sandy islands near the Texas coast. But why? Have you ever heard of Money Hill near the southern tip of South Padre Island? We need your support because we are a non-profit organization that relies upon contributions from our community in order to record and preserve the history of our state. I have no doubt that the Historians will decry what Ive said here, and Im cool with that, I know what I saw and found, and I know what others saw and found. If anyone has heared or knows any more info please let me know. It was stuck in the crack of the stairs. Other stories of Pirate Treasures are discussed. So read this, get up, and go after your pot of gold. Many of them are wandering through the beaches and backlands with nothing more than metal detectors. Williams of Anahuac and their attorney, state Rep. Price Daniel of Liberty, who later became governor. For decades the site has intrigued historians and treasure hunters. : they "found it". It is still Learn Cajun traditions from people who live them. instead of just one? 6. the state archaeologist. They used 10-foot poles to outline the vessel, which measured roughly 75 feet by 35 feet, news reports stated. Sounds like the Hendricks lake treasure. While challenging, the trip also exposes an otherworldly beauty and abundant wildlife, such as alligators sunning on rocks, great blue herons roosting on stumps and white egrets winging across the water. Some accounts say The ones found their range from the late 1770;s to 1814 or so. The Indians in the Mandeville area helped him escape to the Pearl River. The show starts with the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, sharing how their search on Oak Island opened them up to a world full of mysteries and lost treasures to explore. A man claiming to be Lafitte's grandson, John A. Lafitte of St. Joseph, Mo.. claimed an interest in the ship but would years later be proved a fake, Epperson said. Hendricks Lake is an oxbow lake one and one-half miles south of the Sabine River and about four miles northeast of Tatum in Rusk County, Texas (32.371864N, 94.493190W). They will haunt you in your dreams for making a Numerous springs within and around the lake keep it filled. If the rumors are true, Cove Hollow, near Denton is another Bass treasure location. At that time, the legend was that Mexican land pirates lived along the lake and dumped gold, silver, and precious stones in the lake when they were attacked by the Texans or some other forces. Tatum reportedly built a device with buckets on a conveyor and operated by steam engines to attempt to bail the water from the lake. WebThe Lost Treasure of Hendricks Lake The infamous pirate of the Gulf Jean Lafitte took a $2 million fortune in silver from a Spanish galleon and supposedly buried it in the Sabine In 1965 a professional syndicate of treasure hunters, men who worked together at a packaging company in LeClaire, Iowa, and led by Clarence A. i will try and take a picture of the location. Probably inside the hidden stairs that went to the first floor of his mason rouge. I grew up back there, in those waterways, in that area and found many interesting things. Let us know in the comments He declared himself governor or "master" until he fled to the Yucatan Peninsula after the U.S. government forced him to leave in 1820, records show. One such story, according to multiple sources, says Bass stashed loot in an old hollow tree around 2 miles west of Round Rock. 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Louisiana is not exclusive to rumors of the treasures whereabouts too, as At the moment he is headed for Lake Miller, a pristine pool unreachable by road, although the rumble of traffic can be heard from Interstate 10 a few miles to the north. The Sam Bass Loot In perhaps his greatest venture, Texass legendary stagecoach and bank robber Sam Bass traveled to Big Springs, Nebraska, with his sidekick Joel Collins and held up the Union Pacific Railroad. A few of the Cherokees were accompanied by agents of the Mexican government who had promised a lot of money to the tribe if they were able to drive out the Texans. Hispanic conquistadors reportedly hid a massive cache of gold and jewels in a mine shaft . Key to remember is that Lafitte was a business man, who turned merchandise that he acquired into money. He then buried it in a sand dune on, In the early 19th century, the Texas army pushed Cherokee Indians from Tyler to Upshur County. Paul Uncle Fox Tatum, son of the founder of Tatum, Texas, carried out the first documented attempt to recover the treasure in 1884. Barnie Waldrop, a Carthage television repairman, had used his own electronics to search the lake for years. The story died down but regained momentum when treasure hunting became popular again in the fifties and when True West magazine printed an article about the long-forgotten silver prompting treasure hunters to flock to Carthage and Tatum. Legendary outlaw Sam Bass is said to have buried his bounty from stagecoach, train and bank robberies in several areas around the Texas Hill County. What books would you recommend about this pirate? treasure to speak of. You must log in or register to reply here. Outside of work, you can likely find her curled up on the sofa with a hot cup of coffee, watching a crime TV show or scary movie. The four-mile trek into the backwaters off the Trinity River becomes strenuous as he pushes his boat over cypress stumps and cuts through debris. The tried to dynamite the bottom, but ended up with no silver for this efforts. To him it is the Chase and the history. By clicking "Accept," you agree to the use of cookies on Pelican State of Mind. Meanwhile, his younger brother John was exploring the coast of Texas. The total value? An historian named Herbert Bolton, using the original journals of the Mexicans from the eighteenth century, found what is now known as the Boyd shaft on Honey Creek. It seems like a plausible place for a notorious bandit to hide his loot, so we are inclined to believe it! I hope that you can help me out. The business was so profitable because Lafitte was selling smuggled, foreign goods to the people of New Orleans. My step father knew where one of these markers were, he had found it while hunting years ago and thought it might be a grave marker or something. Theres quite a bit of back story on this one which can be read on Texas Monthly. Do you have Mary Claire Patton has been a journalist with KSAT 12 since 2015. It was a book on the treasures of Galveston and the surrounding area. Rumor has it that some of the money is hidden in Cove Hollow, near Denton. What if these stories are factual? Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) In the early 1820s, Great Colombia under the government of Simon Bolivar had begun commissioning former privateers as officers in their newly formed navy. Another story says the ship -- believed to have been a three-masted schooner -- ended up there after a storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico. I'm a descendant of his first mate and so while as a general rule I love history/archeology/treasure hunting, naturally this is the treasure that interests me the most. Since then, several parties have approached D.L. I don't know about that if the government wanted to dig, they would. Hendricks Lake, The silver has yet to be discovered, according to Lone Star Treasure, which says the story is based on a Spanish document from the conquistador era. It is this tale that Christian wants to follow up on. 4. This same engineer, only two years earlier, had led the team who located the Tecumseh, a Union metalclad ship sunk during the battle of Mobile Bay in August 1864. Maybe they can help them in their search from the insights learned from their own pursuit of the Money Pit. The stairs run beside it. The cousins have found buried treasure of sorts, their research has brought to life stories of pirates that come from a pivotal moment in our history when pirates became heroes. Not that they're searching for it. Handbook of Texas Online, More maps appeared showing various locations of a lost silver mine. TeXas marks the spot! Despite intense efforts at dredging, detecting, diving, and dynamiting for Hendricks Lake treasure, the only thing that was reportedly found in the lake was the rim of an old wagon wheel. The Lost Padre Mine Somewhere in the Franklin Mountains overlooking the Rio Grande River in El Paso County is the Lost Padre Mine. parties, as the Mystery of Jean Lafittes Unfound Treasure seems to be a voyage True West Magazine article on Jean Lafitte. brought up to the surface. Before we dive Jean Lafitte: Mystery of the Unfound Treasure, History of Louisianas State Bird: The Brown Pelican, Jacques St. Germain, The Infamous Louisiana Vampire. Christian knows his pirate history! Then it unexpectedly spills into the wide-open lake that he has sought. The smuggling operations of the well-known privateer eventually came to a screeching halt, though, when the United States began enforcing the embargo in New Orleans city limits some time after the act passed. I a month there. Some historians recount that Lafitte went back to a life of crime, leaving the The mud is deep on the bottom, and just as They say this inspired them to reach out to other treasure hunters and hear their stories. The Lagina Brothers, famous for their search for the lost treasure on Oak Island and featured in the show The Curse of Oak Island, now hosts a new show called, Beyond Oak Island. In 1940, a new search team was formed. The basic story is that in 1816 silver stolen by pirate About 229 treasure sites are spread across the Lone Star State, and some are even accessible to the public with permission from the landowners. In 1814, the U.S. sent a naval force to invade Lafittes fleet and was mostly successful, seizing many of Lafittes comrades and ships. All in all, several wagons loaded with silver ingots went into the river. But remember Lafittes black dogs are still around dont go a hunting unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences. Despite this, no silver bars were found. The state of He sent soldiers to look for it, but they found nothing. "There was not a lot of money during the Depression to do exploring," recalls Chambliss' wife, Tabitha, 84, who still lives in Anahuac. North of Tatum, in the middle of the woods, lies Hendricks Lake. He frequently returned to Galveston or the barrier islands near New Orleans to unload booty or take on supplies procured by Pierre. You are using an out of date browser. It's apparently a large wreck and about the right size and shape for a Lafitte vessel.". hidden treasures have been told time and time again in childrens books, video It featured Pirate Treasures. A light came on when the probe hit metal. floor after a shipwreck. JavaScript is disabled. It also has references to other lost treasure spots in Texas. national hero. He was moving logs across the lake when they snagged on the submerged wreckage, which was then in only about 2 feet of silt, historical accounts state. As they retreated, they headed into what is now known as Upshur County. My husband even traveled to Austin to talk to historian J. Frank Dobie about it.". The first episode premiered on Tuesday November 17 at 10PM EST on the History Channel. Access to the lake that for 150 years had been accessible for picnics and fishing was closed off to all but a few private landowners at the time. They got away with three thousand freshly-minted 1877 $20 gold pieces. Gary Pinkerton, True Believers: Treasure Hunters at Hendricks Lake, East Texas Historical Journal 47 (2009). Most people wrote it off as another myth until a magazine published a story about long-forgotten silver, causing treasure hunters from everywhere to rush to the area. Others have mounted full-scale salvage expeditions with backhoes and monster trucks and whatnot. Rumor has it the money is somewhere underneath Little, A man named Nathan Smith thinks he's found the remnants of a sunken ship from an 1822 hurricane north of. One story even I've heard for years, about a spot along Dickinson Bayou where Lafitte supposedly hid Treasure (very very near a certain Cemetary), Some of the add-ons on this site are powered by. In a location on the lake, matching the tale, with a sloped In Colombian newspapers, his death was lamented and his obituary described him as a brave naval officer. Texas, I learned, is full of buried treasureor, to be a bit more accurate, full of stories about buried treasures that no one has been able to find. Jean Lafitte was sent to the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Island where he took command of the island - with an iron fist. Read More about USS Hatteras, This is a funny little slot filled with intricate features and attention-grabbing symbols. People claim that a $2 million fortune stolen from the Spanish by Jean Lafitte was buried in the Sabine River. Tensions were high during this time between the United States and Great Britain, creating the War of 1812 and forcing the United States to be on edge about who they could and could not trust. By 1829, the mythical lost silver mine of San Saba began appearing on Austins maps of Texas. There are many stories about famed pirate Jean Lafitte, but one places his lost buried treasure at the bottom of a lake right here in East Texas. I think yall lying about the finding treasure, Plum bayou look for trees cut down and fake grave at the end. The information comes from books and treasure hunting Web sites (the best of which are and Locating a ship that belonged to Lafitte or one of his officers would be a "significant find" because of the role he played on the Texas coast, said Hoyt. Hidden gems in Texas are one of our state's greatest joys. Louisianas Jean Lafitte: Mystery of the Unfound Treasure - Pelican State of When the Embargo Act of 1807 came into force, the Laffite brothers moved their business from New Orleans to an island in Barataria Bay, Louisiana. As of 2019 much of the land surrounding the lake was in the permit area for the surface mining for lignite that covers thousands of acres. Galveston after his adventures in Louisiana. The treasure was hidden in the Rocky Mountains and clues to its location were included in a 2010 poem penned by Fenn called The Thrill of the Chase.. Interest in the ship resurfaced nine years later when Elder H. Sherman, grandson of the man who first reported the wreck, remembered that his grandfather had driven a spike into an oak tree to mark the ship's location. "He had talked to a man who had located the spot with a metal detector and walked on its deck., It's incredible to think that just under the peaceful water lurks enough treasure to change your life! Hispanic conquistadors reportedly hid a massive cache of gold and jewels in a mine shaft in the Franklin Mountains near El Pasos Guadalupe Mission, reported. Visibility is nil, so it is a touchy situation. The Treasure of Jean Lafitte. And if so is the treasure still there? At this time, Galveston island was largely uninhabited, except by Native American Karankawa indians. See link. times as a smuggler and privateer, he became very wealthy. History suggests there is a possibility that hidden treasuresgold coins, doubloons, precious jewelryare somewhere beneath the surface just waiting to be found! According to, legend says theres close to $3 million buried near where Shoal Creek empties into the Colorado River. On his visits to Hendricks Lake with his son, they got a hit and brought a diver along to search the bottom. Katie Lawrence is a Southeast Texas native who graduated 18th in her high school class with a GPA of 4.25.

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