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Echovita offers a solidarity program that gives back the funds generated to families. See the events in life of John Basilone in Chronological Order, (United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant), However, the job did not satisfy him and he desired to go back to Manila. But before he left, a romance blossomed between him and Lena. He was the only enlisted Marine in World War II to receive the Medal of Honor and the Navy Cross. Finally, the 2010 HBO miniseries The Pacific also features Basilone, with actor Jon Seda playing him. He was inducted into New Jersey Hall of Fame six years later, in 2011. To add a flower, click the Leave a Flower button. Family members linked to this person will appear here. Edit a memorial you manage or suggest changes to the memorial manager. One of her few, if not only, public appearances after Johns death was about nine months after he died. In command of 2 machine gun sections, the sector assigned to Johns guns came under heavy and direct attack from fanatical Japanese making a determined attack against the greatly outnumbered Marines. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 14 Feb 2019| Found more than one record for entered Email, You need to confirm this account before you can sign in. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John R Basilone of Pemberton, New Jersey, who passed away on February 5, 2023, at the age of 66, leaving to mourn family and friends. John Basilone was the first Marine enlisted recipient of Americas highest combat award in World War II. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who earned the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Guadalcanal. We saw Basilone and the three guys who were with him fall.. July 28, 1866: 18 Year Old Girl Wins Commission to Sculpt Statue of Lincoln (A Truly Great American Woman), December 24, 1865: Birth of the Ku Klux Klan, December 25, 1868: President Johnson Pardons all Confederate Veterans. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases via links in the Historical Evidence sections of articles. Authorize the publication of the original written obituary with the accompanying photo. The sponsor of a memorial may add an additional. Lena never remarried. Just minutes later, while moving along the edge of an airfield, shrapnel from an exploding mortar shell grievously wounded him. Obituary: Services Wednesday for longtime Lakewood resident. Postal Service issued the Distinguished Marines stamps. They need me. Perhaps it was the only answer that mattered. John Basilone was aUnited States Marine CorpsGunnery Sergeant whose heroism made him the only enlisted marine to receive both the Medal of Honor and theNavy Cross in the Second World War. He served three years in the United States Army with duty in the Philippines before joining the . In 2005, he was amongst the four Marine Corps heroes in whose honour the U.S. This memorial has been copied to your clipboard. Following his military service, he worked as a police officer eventually earning the rank of captain prior to his retirement. Basilone, the son of Sicilian Napoli immigrants Salvatore Basilone and Dora Bencivenga, was born on November 4, 1916 in Buffalo, New York, and was raised in Raritan, New Jersey. She was 86. You are nearing the transfer limit for memorials managed by Find a Grave. His simplicity, his cheerfulness, his grasp of human nature the charm and easy grace with which he carried his honors gave us not only confidence but pride. Young Marines are taught the story of Basilone -- the World War II gunnery sergeant who fought at Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, a hero killed in combat and awarded the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross.. He returned home as a hero and was welcomed with parades and parties. In 1949, Lena christened a Navy destroyer ship, named the USS Basilone. Just a fun loving guy Her attitude was I can do anything they (men) can do. . New books about him also have appeared in print: James Bradys Hero of the Pacific, and Jim Proser and Jerry Cutters Im Staying with My Boys. In 1943, at Camp Pendleton, California, John Basilone met Lena Mae Riggi - a Sergeant in the Marine Corps Women's Reserve. Just weeks after meeting, with Basilones inevitable return to the Pacific looming, the couple decided to get married on July 10, 1944 at St. Marys Star of the Sea Church in Oceanside, California. He was 28 years old. Basilone, recognizing that his men would survive only if they kept moving, yelled at them to Get off the beach! Then, shrewdly gauging the tactical situation, he worked his way around the flank, singlehandedly attacking and destroying a Japanese blockhouse with grenades and demolitions, which allowed his unit to capture a nearby airfield. Mr. Pascrell took up the cause, working closely with the National Italian-American Foundation, the Order of Sons of Italy of America, and veterans and Marine organizations to persuade the 13-member Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee to . She was tough," said Basilone in Hero of the Pacific. She was laid to rest in the National Cemetery at Riverside, California. As the Marines tried to advance under withering fire from Japanese fortified positions anchored by concrete blockhouses containing machine guns, Basilone personally ran up the flanks of the blockhouses to get on top and lob in grenades and demolition charges to destroy the Japanese positions. This is the story of the hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jimawho remains one of the most celebrated Marines in the Corps history. John Basilone commanded two machine-gun emplacements. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Your Scrapbook is currently empty. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Are you sure that you want to delete this photo? , and his research determined Basilone ultimately suffered multiple bullet wounds and was killed by mortar shrapnel as he advanced on an airfield late that morning. I claim nothing in this video. In Pendleton I reported and was assigned to Company C, 27th Regiment of the newly formed 5th Division, but being early, I was told Id find the area deserted. The ship launched in 1945 was sponsored by his wife Lena. February 5, 1909: First Plastic Invented was called Bakelite! Write your message of sympathy today. John Basilone was both a lover and a fighter. J ohn Basilone was a man of extraordinary courage. On her 32nd birthday, Lena learned that John had been killed in action when she received a telegram: Deeply regret to inform you that your husband, Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone, USMC, was killed in action February 19, 1945 at Iwo Jima, Volcano Islands, in the performance of his duty and service to his country. Just before his 18th birthday, Basilone enlisted in the U.S. Army and served in the Philippines as an infantryman from 1934 to 1937. Lena Riggi, a pretty female Marine. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. You can always change this later in your Account settings. All photos uploaded successfully, click on the Done button to see the photos in the gallery. He is survived by : his wife Beth W. Basilone of Pemberton, NJ; his children, Sean Basilone (Gina) of Port Reading, NJ, Deborah Olivera (Angelo) of Hummelstown, PA and Nicole Basilone of Goldsboro, NC. JUNE 16, 1999 She also was a faithful member of the Liberty Baptist Church of Long Beach. This is a carousel with slides. He was in a good emplacement, and causing the Japs lots of trouble, not only firing his machine gun but also using his pistol.. Lena never remarried and was content with her life. After defending a narrow pass and annihilating an entire enemy regiment on the island of Guadalcanal in 1942, John was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Though, he appreciated the love and admiration he was showered with, he desired to return to the battlefield. Please reset your password. Basilone, in charge of 2 sections of heavy machineguns, fought valiantly to check the savage and determined assault. For his gallantry on Iwo Jima on February 19, Basilone was awarded a posthumous Navy Cross and his widow was later presented this decoration and his posthumous Purple Heart. In late December 1943, after requesting once again to return to the Pacific, Gunnery Sergeant Basilone was assigned to Camp Pendleton, California, where he was assigned to a unit training to deploy to the Pacific. 127 Medford Mt Holly Rd, Medford, NJ 08055. He received the Medal of Honor for heroism above and beyond the call of duty during the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Navy Cross posthumously for extraordinary heroism during the Battle of Iwo Jima. Prior to his military service, he graduated from Cleveland State University, having majored in sociology. In 1949, the United States Navy commissioned a Gearing-class destroyer, USS Basilone (DD-824) named after him. Cut off from the other Marines, Basilone would not relinquish his position, and retrieved another machine gun to add to the fight. Nick Name: Manila John Also Known As: Manila John Died At Age: 28 Family: Spouse/Ex-: Lena Mae Riggi (m. 1944) father: Salvatore Basilone mother: Theadora Bencivenga Born Country: United States Soldiers American Men Height: 1.8 m Died on: February 19, 1945 place of death: Ogasawara, Tokyo, Japan Ancestry: Italian American The email does not appear to be a valid email address. She saw him as yet another patronizing Marine returning from war. In a fierce frontal attack with the Japanese blasting his guns with grenades and mortar fire, one . John and Lena seemingly fell in love overnight. Said Marine Pfc. On February 19, 1945, 30,000 US Marines landed on the Japanese held island of Iwo Jima, part of the Volcano Islands chain. Marine Sergeant Lena Basilone was the wife of Medal of Honor recipient John Basilone,one of the famous Marines every Marine Corps recruit learns about at boot camp. RIP, Gunny, and thanks for fighting for us. Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Gloria Vanderbilt told Anderson Cooper not to expect a trust fund. If you visit Oceanside today, the church remains in the same place it was in 1944 when the couple said their vows. We try to present our students with historical topics that are both diverse and a bit out of the ordinary. Oops, some error occurred while uploading your photo(s). Some time back, Id been promoted to sergeant and transferred to regimental headquarters as an intelligence noncom, so I was no longer one of Basilones boys and I missed that. Our weekend hangout in L.A. was the Biltmore Hotel, where we took over an entire floor. The Allies quickly overran the smaller number of Japanese defenders who had been on the island since May 1942. Oops, something didn't work. November 23, 1876: Boss Tweed Turned Over to Authorities. He trained at Quantico, Virginia, Parris Island, South Carolina, and New River, North Carolinawhich later became Camp Lejeune. Try again later. Lena never remarried and she lived in California until her death in 1999. English When WWII broke out, she found herself enlisted in the Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton. Basilone returned to the Pacific to continue fighting in the war. John Basilone was the son of an Italian immigrant father (a tailor by trade) and one of 10 children. What dya think? Then, growing serious, Itll be cleaner. He was notorious for his heroic actions on the beaches and in the jungles of the Pacific during World War II. She once told Barbara: Once you have the best, you cant settle for less. She purchased a home in Lakewood and stayed there for over 50 years until her death. The medal is the United States top honor for war-time duties. Basilone found her independence refreshing and realized she was exactly what he was looking for. John Basilone was born in 1916 in Buffalo, New York, one of 10 children of Salvatore and Dora Basilone. A month after their wedding, in the same setting that they first met, the newlyweds bid farewell in a Camp Pendleton chow hall. Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, on 24 and 25 October 1942. After leaving Oregon, she attended business school. In between the two battles, he went for bond tours to raise funds for war. As he did his part, Basilone made it clear he wanted to return to the front, but the Marine Corps believed he was more valuable in public relations than on the battlefield. It seemed nothing could touch him. Basilone also served at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before deploying to the Pacific. Instead, believing that he could do more by remaining in the States, the Corps offered him a commission as a second lieutenant and an assignment in Washington, D.C. Henry Giniger released the same day was apparently more accurate, saying Basilone had been fatally wounded a few hours after he hit the Iwo beach.. I wanted to say goodbye to him and the guys, for we wouldnt be sailing together. According to Lenas niece, Fiddle Viracola, Lena would always say Great love only happens once. Through it all, however, Sgt. By then he'd already risked his life pushing two bogged-down Sherman tanks out of mud, by hand, and had killed numerous Japanese soldiers. He opted not to go to highschool, and joined the Army looking for "adventure.". He was sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where he served until the US entered World War II and John became part of the Marine landing force at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in 1942. The United States Marine Corps has a long history of brave men under fire, including but not limited to Smedley Butler, Lewis B. Try again later. This time he joined the US Marine Corps in 1940 from Baltimore and received his training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island and later at Marine Corps Base Quantico and New River. In 2020, another United States navy ship - Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS named after him - USS John Basilone (DDG-122) - was launched. There he met his wife, fellow Marine Sergeant Lena Mae Riggi, who became Mrs. Basilone in July 1944. There is 1 volunteer for this cemetery. Bullets hit him in the right groin, the neck, and just about blew off his left arm completely. Attacking the Japanese-held Airfield One on Feb. 19, 1945, Basilone was killed. He was the only enlisted Marine to receive both of these . Since these airfields were only 660 milesor three hours flying timefrom Tokyo, this meant that B-29s flying from Iwo could be escorted all the way to their Japanese targets by P-51 Mustangs and P-47 Thunderbolts. Continuing with this request will add an alert to the cemetery page and any new volunteers will have the opportunity to fulfill your request. However, after John refused a commission as an officer and an assignment as a gunnery instructor, they finally conceded his wish. John R Basilone Obituary. Among the bravest of the brave was Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone, a previous Medal of Honor winner from the Guadalcanal Campaign that was only at Iwo Jima because he demanded to be returned to action instead of staying in the mainland United States selling War Bonds. And for all his heroism and celebrity, the final shot of the Iwo Jima sequence - with the camera pulling up to show Basilone lying among so many other dead men - was a potent reminder of the . After completing basic training, Private Basilone sailed first to Hawaii and then on to the Philippine Islands, where he served a tour of duty in the tropics and spent considerable time enjoying life in Manila. He was the only enlisted Marine to receive both of these decorations in World War II. Oops, we were unable to send the email. He visited New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia for a photo op designed to boost war bond sales, and his hometown of Raritan, New Jersey, threw a parade in his honor that drew an estimated crowd of 50,000. You have chosen this person to be their own family member. He taught our recruits the meaning of esprit de corps, and in those of us who had fought, he rekindled a willingness to fight again. Eventually his pleas were answered, and he was transferred to Camp Pendleton, California, for training and integration into a combat command. Photo Credit: A machine position on Guadalcanal. Johns Army time included service in the Philippines, where he excelled as a champion boxer. He attended St. Bernard parochial school in Raritan, New Jersey, and finished the eighth grade. Born on November 4, 1916 in Ruritan, New Jersey, Basilone was the six of ten children in an Italian family and would grow up as a tough young man. 1st Marine Division, Some ties run deep, like service to country or commitment to family. This was the hero of Guadalcanal, the joy of a nation, the pride of the Marines and my friend, John Basilone. She served as a field cook (on the base), and her title was Sergeant, said Barbara Garner, longtime friend and roommate. He fought in the Battle of Henderson Field on the island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands in 1942. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Among the approximately 300,000 Americans killed in action in World War II, John Basilones death on Feb. 19, 1945 holds a unique place in the history of the conflict. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate, or jump to a slide with the slide dots. Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who earned the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Guadalcanal. He placed an extra machine gun in the position, repaired a damaged one and continued to attack the Japanese forces. It was during this time that she caught the eye of a decorated Marine, a man who was the United States first WWII war hero. While the enemy was hammering at the Marines' defensive positions, Sgt. John Basilone (November 4, 1916 February 19, 1945) was a United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who was killed in action during World War II. The Marine Corps, however, denied Basilones request to return to combat. based on information from your browser. Funeral arrangement under the care ofBradley & Stow Funeral Home. At Guadalcanal in October of 1942, Basilone was nearly 26 years old and had his Army time and a couple of years in the Marines, making him one of the more seasoned NCOs. . He was popular for being a War Hero. Local Marines will provide a bugler and pallbearers. John was the sixth of ten children, born in Buffalo, New York but raised in Raritan, New Jersey. For his gallantry and heroism, Sgt. Cpl. Serving with Basilone was a brief but golden period of the war for me. He never barked like the other gunnery sergeants but ruled like a wiser, older brother looking after his younger siblings, with humor and a style all his own. There was an error deleting this problem. He grinned. Please contact Find a Grave at [emailprotected] if you need help resetting your password. Above is the obituary of Lena Basilone. Born In Buffalo, New York in 1916, to parents of Italian heritage, his family moved to New Jersey in 1918. John Basilone (November 4, 1916 - February 19, 1945) was a United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who received the Medal of Honor for actions during the Battle for Henderson Field in the Guadalcanal campaign, and the Navy Cross posthumously for extraordinary heroism during the Battle of Iwo Jima. So why wasnt he back in Pendleton? cemeteries found within kilometers of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. One important event that Lena never lived to see was the dedication of a 17-mile stretch of the San Diego (5) Freeway near Camp Pendleton, to be named Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone Memorial Freeway. The official word that the resolution passed came Monday, just three days after her death. It would seem easy to find a wife with these circumstances, but he wanted something real. Company C was advancing half a mile ahead, sweeping the flat field clean, when one of the dead caught my eye. She spent the remaining 54 years of her life in California where she would continue serving in the Marine Corps and volunteering throughout her community. John Basilone (November 4, 1916 - February 19, 1945) was a United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant who was killed in action during World War II. Please enter your email and password to sign in. (Sundays episode of The Pacific the eighth of the 10-part HBO miniseries depicted the death of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient John Basilone during the first day of fighting on Iwo Jima. John had been stationed in the Pacific theater of the war. He was 27 years old. . He was a man of honor and quite a hero. Please try again later. When she died, she was still wearing the wedding ring that John gave her. At least I wanted a few days, or weeks if I could get it, to know what it was like to be married. After his discharge from the Army in 1937, he worked as a truck driver but the call of the Philippines was strong, and John enlisted in the US Marine Corps in 1940, figuring the Corps would be his fastest ticket back to the Philippines. You may not upload any more photos to this memorial, This photo was not uploaded because this memorial already has 20 photos, This photo was not uploaded because you have already uploaded 5 photos to this memorial, This photo was not uploaded because this memorial already has 30 photos, This photo was not uploaded because you have already uploaded 15 photos to this memorial. He is remembered as one of the greatest of the many US Marine Corps heroes. He worked as a golf caddy until joining the United States Army in 1934, not even 18 years old. He met his future wife, Lena Mae Riggi, while she was serving as a Marine Corps Women's Reserve officer at Camp Pendleton. Just three days after Lena's death a resolution was passed naming a 17 mile stretch of the San Diego (I-5) Freeway near Camp Pendleton 'Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone Memorial Highway'.Although the Veterans Administration offered to bury Lena in Arlington Cemetery near her husband, she refused the offer saying she "didn't want to cause trouble for anyone". 456 John Basilone died a painful death in the dirt near Motoyama Airfield Number One. John Basilone was never able to settle down. Enemy fire from heavily fortified bunkers was murderous, and everyone was pinned down in the black volcanic sand on the beach. As manager of this memorial you can add or update the memorial using the Edit button below. Manage Settings Learn more about merges. There was a problem getting your location. A month after their wedding, in the same . The result was the award of the Medal of Honor with its citation signed by President Franklin D. Rooseveltmaking Basilone the first Marine enlisted recipient of Americas highest combat award in World War II. Either way, the bottom line was the same. I walked around and asked, Is this Basilone?, A guy I knew said, Yeah. Please ensure you have given Find a Grave permission to access your location in your browser settings. Resend Activation Email, Please check the I'm not a robot checkbox, If you want to be a Photo Volunteer you must enter a ZIP Code or select your location on the map. Try again later. John Basilone: Marine Hero of Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima For his gallantry and heroism, Sgt. I told her, 'I'm coming back,' and she believed me." When the ammunition became critically low, he endangered his own life and faced enemy fire to get the supplies his heavy machine gunners needed. He and several of his men were caught by the Japanese fire soon after they hit the beach in the opening assault., A dispatch by Marine Corps combat correspondent Staff Sgt.

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