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The first sentence of the copy should be short and brief and everything but should lead you to the second sentence and the third sentence and the fourth sentence. Im going to listen to what Andrew says. We used baseball stars. Red wine might bring up memories of dinners with your family. ", "Over the past 2 years I've bought dozens of other copywriting courses including Dan Loks High Income Copywriter. Once you pick someone you can start work with them the next day. Were betting that the Bears are going to win and to prove that, were going to sell you a computer. Joe: My office address is 3350 Palms Center Drive and thats Las Vegas, Nevada, of course, 89103. of Associates: 425. I bought the newspaper. It's only a matter of time. I really learned a lot just by teaching what I knew. It ran for 10 years. Im trying to find an example. I had to fill that one page and I only had like a couple days to do it. It turns out that when somebody buys that product, its because somebody in the neighborhood was robbed or somebody was affecting their family and they were concerned or something was happening that frightened them. I remember as a kid watching them on television. You knew what people felt about how tough it was to put this thermostat in their house. Thats the copywriter, the guy who used to sell those BluBlocker sunglasses on TV. Joe: Thank you. So I went out to this place called Makena, the town. Is it divine inspiration? Tip #7: Understand the nature of the product. She says, Yeah, the Japanese want to sell. The ion generator was a big success. You can charge more for the product and there is increased desire when a problem needs to cured. Im cringing thinking of mine. Position your product as the cure to a situation rather than a prevention. How could you spend a half hour selling a pair of sunglasses? Sugerman, who was $100,000 - $1M. Andrew: Right. DETAILS BELOW. 2 outside Its a long story. People would put the BluBlockers on. Do you have any f---ing idea how big that would be?" Theres so much maintenance involved its a constant thing. They fail once and it is all over. Exactly. 866-879-2924 (Toll Free) How do you come up with ideas like that? Forget the wedding, this is going to be an amazing experience with an amazing wedding on top of it., I looked at the house and I immediately zeroed in on the bookcase and I said, Hey, thats Joe Sugarmans book. A great example of this is when Cycle magazine sent an advertisement to Joseph Sugarman himself. However, if the copy tells me that these cars keep their value and there is a more affordable way to lease the car, I may be more inclined to follow the path my emotions would lead me down. But the point was I made it so you were so curious and one word led to another. I dont remember it either. Guest speaker Myron Sugerman enthralled a packed Intown Chabad audience, seen here with Rabbi Ari Sollish, signing his book. Magical Branding. 220 George Bush Blvd, Suite D Joe: Absolutely. Joe: Its listed as this is 50 years old. You bought them for $250. He makes no outlandish promise about reliability and invites the reader to be the judge, showing implicit trust in their shrewd intelligence. In 1971, after six years of running his own ad agency, he saw micro-electronics as an exciting opportunity and formed a company to market the world's first pocket calculator through direct marketingall from the basement of his home in Northbrook, IL. One of my past interviewees, a guy name Patrick McKenzie, was a Japanese salary man when I first met him. Also we grew hair, which was a very interesting concept. Sensing the opportunity to not only extend life spans but to be responsible for helping millions of people live a better more youthful life, Sugarman agreed to head a company to market a series of products utilizing this new technology. Ill give you my credit card number over the phone? So, we think, Okay. Joseph also answers to Joseph H Suger, Joseph Harry Sugerman, Joseph H Sugarman, Jospeh H Sugerman and Joseph Harry Sugerman, and perhaps a couple of other Andrew: I want to ask you about how you said you knew that people didnt like the name. Andrew: That part I get. Really, you can look online, Google all day. Joe Bidens Net Worth. Do you have a process for remembering what you read, for organizing it? Youve covered just about everything I could think of. The guy is living in a different country. . Andrew: I do find that its disarming to see you put down the product. They turned an objection about the price into a benefit with just two words. Joe: One questionyou didnt spell out Toptal. And copywriting legend Joseph Sugarman describes his first ads as horrible. Joe: Yeah. Thats smart money. Yes, fear is an important psychological trigger but Sugarman argues that you have to be truthful and subtle with it. Giants general manager Joe Schoen decided to trade up Thursday night during Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft. We used personalities, different things. But not everything could be a winner. Joe: If you want, you can send me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and everybody that does, I will send them a Batman card. Andrew: I imagine today finding some way of figuring out when there was a burglary in the neighborhood and then mailing the people around that persons house to say, There was a burglar here and you might want to buy this to protect yourself. Today the data is so much more available. Well, not just, anyone can go to that. I was involved with this Batman show. I have a lot of fun with these and I pass them out to people. Im the founder of, where Ive interviewed over a thousand entrepreneurs about how they built their businesses. Theyre very helpful because once you start writing copy and you start picking up some of these psychological triggers, you get motivated to buy. Joe: Well, first of all, the product came to me because the company was in trouble and they needed to liquidate it. Most customers arent interested in preventing something from happening but rather curing an existing problem. Its amazing when you stop to think about it, but we essentially smash atoms around in a billion different ways to bring ideas to life, and we do it so casually and so easily, every hour of every day. WebJoseph Harry Sugerman Net Worth 2022 and insider trades. You need to tap into both the prospects primal brain and their rational brain. It was helpful and it was one of those books that stuck with me and Im glad to have you on here. Its an immediate turn-off. So Im kind of taking it easy for a while. ARE YOU THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX WITH YOUR COPY CHOICES? Just to give you an idea how much we sold, I sold about 100,000 pairs from the print ads we ran, which was like six months. Maybe Rumble makes a deal with him. Andrew: What did you learn with that? Use short and choppy sentences to make advertisements easier to digest. He is considered as a true legend in the field of TV entertainment. Position the product youre advertising around a bigger idea or concept. The total combined net worth of this years billionaires is $8 trillion, down from $8.7 trillion in 2020. ", "I came across your videos on SEO under Dan Lok University.I was a newbie to SEO & copywriting a couple of months back and fortunate enough to learn the SEO basics from you.I also came across your courses.By applying the same exact strategy on cold email, I landed a full time job in SAAS Startup. Profile Title:The Joe, did you thenyouve said that youve failed a lotdid you thenwhats that? Theyll give you a Mixergy exclusive and youll see it right there on the page. He saw my ads and he says, I want to find out what the real secret is.. Bless you. This is what we know about Jay Sugarman net worth based on a recent study by Forbes and business insiders: Its around more than a couple of million USD. I want to understand how you understood what was in the customers minds. Well, with this new infomercial, we were selling 300,000 pair in one month. Trust is another issue, another trigger. : Annual: $25 000 000 Monthly: $2083333,33 Weekly: $480769,23 Daily: $68493,15 Thats really a funny story because I just recently sold it. ", The first sentence should lead to the next sentence and so forth, Every word has emotion and meaning behind it, There needs to be a logical flow in the ad, Every good ad is an emotional outpouring of words, feelings, and impressions, David Ogilvy Copywriting Strategies Every Writer Need to Know, Lead Magnet Guide How to Generate More Leads Easily, best material Ive ever read on copywriting, elaborating on the benefits of the product, every customer experiences emotions when they need a problem solved, Why Are Copywriters Called Copywriters History and Origin, Russel Brunsons DotCom Secrets Review and Takeaways. Joe: No, the one you love is going to win. A household name (if your house is actually an advertising or copywriting Get Started as a Social Media Expert for $59.40. The Amazon CEO is valued at $113 billion, down from $131 billion last year. Andrew: To teach the people at Google how to write more effective ads, even people who have incredible stats but they want you to do it for them and teach them? It shows the point that I wanted to make before was youre going along doing what you think you should be doing and all of a sudden youre going 90 degrees in a different direction and thats where you make your success. I was very honest about how bad it was. Joe: Thats part of the editing process. You might not know this, but I am probably the biggest failure youll ever interview on your show, primarily because I have failed so many more times. We made it entertaining. Andrew: There it is right on your screen now. Andrew: You mean rewriting. I started the interview with a story and then I look down at the time and I say, Im two minutes into this interview already and all I did was talk. They did such a good job that he started talking about them just to tell the rest of the entrepreneurial world how effective they were for him. You never want to sell a product or service. Sugarman? I said, Yes. We know what youve been doing. I said, Uh-oh, Im now in trouble. And Stupidly Reasonable Prices. When we would test, Id place a small ad in the southwest edition of the Wall Street Journal, which is the smallest edition and the results that I got I used to run the ad or decide to run the ad. He once sold a used plane for $240,000 that was valued at $190,000 through one magazine ad. He couldnt do it himself, so he asked his virtual assistant to do it for him because hes a guy who likes to delegate. Joe: I had a line of health products, stem cell products that helped your skin, that prevented pain, supported your being. I want to find out how he did this, how he built up his business. So storytelling, why is storytelling so great? I said, How do you convince them when you guys just got started? And he said, Well, one of the things I do is I go in and say, I actually dont know very much right now. Joseph Sugarman. Joe: Thats a good point. But Im going to give you a special URL where they are giving Mixergy listeners something that theyre not giving anyone else. If somebody you dislike offers something thats too irresistible, its hard to say no. How will they reach the end where you ask for the sale? The estimated Net Worth of Steven Sugarman is at least $5.02 Million dollars as of 16 August 2016. The designer's estimated net worth is about $700M. And my two sponsors, which Im grateful for are the company that will help you hire great developers. I just happened to be driving down the 405 in Los Angeles and I was with a friend of mine. ' He finds by admitting that he doesnt know everything about what hes about to tell them, it takes away the hammer they want to beat him over the head with and it allows them to accept that the rest of what hes saying is truthful and hes not coming to pump himself up. Entrepreneur and founder of BluBlocker Sunglasses, Joseph Sugarman, died peacefully surrounded by his family in Las Vegas on March 18, 2022. Andrew: Whats the address? Theyre annotating them. Carefully select words based on how you want customers to feel while reading your copy. "I'm getting such insane value out of this course. How did I discover BluBlockers? Andrew: Are you giving me your credit card number? The bitter pill of failure is often more than most people can handle. Where do we mail for that? His major profession as a Producer has made him extremely wealthy. So, theyve got a special URL where they can keep track of how well Im doing for them and where they can give you a discount. I was once asked to spend an hour talking about storytelling. There are a few other stories that I tell. Andrew: Hows that gone for you, the internet? One of these days theyre going to be very valuable. Its called Toptal. We accepted them for about six months and we never got ripped off. The guy was going out of business who owned it. She was so impressed. We sold 20 million pair. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Email, Call Member Services Is it just as easy as do a background check on your people? Once again a concept or bigger idea is used. A household name (if your house is actually an advertising or copywriting agency). I do not know why. Ive got two months to get them made. It needs to be interesting, unique, and most importantly, short. Joseph Sugarman is Chairman of JS&A Group, Inc., BluBlocker Corporation, DelStar Publishing and President of a bio-tech company, Stem Cell Products, LLCall based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Andrew: You didnt put it on the camera, for example, and let the camera see through the lenses so we could experience it at home. We had this ion generator. WebJoseph Sugerman is 75 years old today because Joseph's birthday is on 12/17/1947. You certainly covered that and you saved a lot of time by cutting to the chase. Andrew: If I take an envelope, write my address on the to line, put a stamp on it and then put that in another envelope and mail it to you, youll use my envelope to send me that card. If you get the customer saying Yes while reading an advertisement, they will be more likely to say yes to the sale. This will make them more accepting to the sales proposition later. Use statements and questions that will get customers nodding their heads in agreement. We sold them for something like 10 years. Joseph (Joe) Sugarman Entrepreneur and founder of BluBlocker Sunglasses, Joseph Sugarman, died peacefully surrounded by his family in Las Vegas on March 18, 2022. Youd be perfect for that shoot. She said, Okay. It was very successful. You can do it yourself. One of the things thats one of my triggers is honesty. Thats why its extremely important to make sure that the introduction to any ad is irresistible. I found that to be true. Hes up there with David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, and John Caples. What IP addresses does resolve to? . In other words, like you said, you were so curious what was it like to look through those lenses. I discovered infomercials. For example, what do you feel or think of when I say the following words? Hed have to find a place to sleep near the office so he could go back home to work. I said, Okay. You cant hire someone with a trial period of up to two weeks. He said that keeping track of revenue and expenses was becoming really painful. Youve a very good interviewer. Joseph Sugarman is a legendary copywriter and bestselling author. Andrew: It was something about the MagicStat maybe and its okay if you dont remember. The company later focused on selling those BluBlocker sunglasses I mentioned earlier. His books include AdWeek Copywriting Manual, Triggers, The Seven Forces of They block all the blue light. He gives me this whole pitch. Lose enough and eventually you will win. For more on this, take a look at the Hierarchy Lens from our unique quality assurance methodology, the 13 Lenses. My brother looked around at the house where the wedding would take place and said, This is giant. You know this of course. ", "Carmine has drastically increased my income and growth in the matter of months.

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