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4. Following the insurrection of the Red Lotus, Korra left to the Southern Water Tribe to recuperate and Team Avatar moved on with their lives. The Legend of Korra is broadcast subtitled or dubbed on Nickelodeon channels outside of the U.S. The ambitious politician Tarrlok enlists Korra to fight the anti-bender uprising of the "Equalists", led by the masked Amon, who strips benders of their abilities. The names in the Avatar series are mostly names with a Preceded by It is darker and more mature than the original show; however, the creators are not attempting to target a new audience, intending to balance mature themes with a sense of fun and adventure. Supporting characters include the Earth Queen Hou-Ting (Jayne Taini), the retired Fire Lord Zuko (Bruce Davison), Lin's half-sister Suyin Beifong (Anne Heche), Suyin's trusted advisor Aiwei (Maurice LaMarche) and her captain of the guards Kuvira (Zelda Williams). A flexible faux-leather bag with beautiful imprinted design and a drawstring that features the four symbols of the elements. [21] However, the demand for promotional material was more fully answered with a Legend of Korra panel on July 23, 2011, at the San Diego Comic-Con. However, Republic City is not what Korra imagined it to be. She is also joined by her animal companion, Naga, and the Republic City Police Force, who are led by Toph's daughter, Lin Beifong.[11]. After almost eight months of little official information, a piece of concept art showing the face of the main character was revealed for the first time on March 6, 2011. [32] On August 15, 2013, a sneak preview confirmed that the book would debut on September 13 of that year. Follow. The first season is mostly set in Republic City, the capital of the United Republic of Nations, a new multicultural sovereign state founded by Avatar Aang after the end of The Last Airbender. He also does the voice-overs for the short recaps during the opening sequence of each episode. [157], In August 2012, Variety reported that Paramount Animation, a sister company of Nickelodeon, was starting development of several animated films, with budgets of around US$100 million. The cast is also joined by Sunil Malhotra as Prince Wu, the vain heir to the Earth Kingdom throne, and Todd Haberkorn as Baatar Jr., Suyin's estranged son who is Kuvira's fianc and second-in-command. Chit Sang's friend. Produced by The series ends with the prospect of democracy for the former Earth Kingdom, as Korra and Asami leave together for a vacation in the spirit world. One new airbender is Zaheer, the leader of the anarchist Red Lotus society. WebThe Legend of Genji is a volunteer fan-project focused on creating a new Avatar webcomic. A spin-off to DiMartino and Konietzko's previous series Avatar: The Last Airbender,[3] which aired from 2005 to 2008, the series ran for 52 episodes ("chapters"), separated into four seasons ("books"), from April 14, 2012, to December 19, 2014. WebAdventure across the four nations! [3][8] She has already mastered waterbending, earthbending, and firebending by this point. Take later. According to the Board, the reason was that these series were "glorifying homosexual behavior". I need one more Avatar Candidate for my story. New airbenders are also introduced in the season including the young thief Kai (Skyler Brigmann) and Suyin's daughter Opal (Alyson Stoner), both of Earth Kingdom origins and the love interests of Jinora and Bolin respectively. [64] The Escapist compared The Legend of Korra to Firefly as "a Friday night genre series with a loyal fan following built up from previous works by the creators that is taken off the air after the network fails to advertise it properly or broadcast episodes in a logical manner. [43][44] The creature that he voices is Korra's animal guide;[44] the human role has since been stated to be a "complex" recurring character. Debuting in 2012, [47][48] Rob Paulsen[49][50] and Richard Epcar are also stated to be involved in voice work. Korra breaks the tradition of having a male role lead in an action series. To avoid having to fire crew members several weeks early, the creators opted to make the book's eighth episode, "Remembrances", a flashback episode with a minimum amount of new content.[42][28]. Michael Dante DiMartino (executive)Bryan Konietzko (executive)Joaquim Dos Santos (co-executive)Ki Hyun Ryu (supervising)Lauren Montgomery (supervising)Megan Casey (in-charge of production) The Legend of Korra is an animated American television series set in the Avatar universe as a sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender. However, the first two episodes were released online on March 2425, 2012[7] and were available in high-definition for free on iTunes. Pierrot was eventually called in to fill the void and animate Book 2. In February 2012, Korra Nation was created as an online fan club and source of new information for The Legend of Korra-related material. While Aang was a reluctant hero, Korra is a brash, arrogant teenager who dives head-first into trouble and thinks she can solve anything with a fight. Club,[18] USA Today,[112] IGN,[113] Moviepilot[114] and The Advocate. The series mostly abstains from using the visual tropes characteristic of anime, but does occasionally use exaggerated facial expressions to highlight emotions for comic effect. That doesn't even include her relationship with her siblings and how well done that was. Circus trainer. Graphs are temporarily unavailable due to technical issues. "[1] Series creator Michael DiMartino said that the series' move to online distribution reflected a "sea change" in the industry: While Korra did not fit in well with Nickelodeon's other programming, the series did extremely well online, with the season 2 finale having been Nickelodeon's biggest online event. [116] In 2018, io9 ranked the series' final scene #55 on its list of "The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years". The online distribution is where the show had proven to be much more successful.[65][89]. Choose which Avatar appears on the front - Aang or Korra! This 8.5x 11 hardcover book includes expanded content featuring Wan Shi Tong himself! Meanwhile, Korra managed to heal physically, though she is still facing an emotional block caused by residual traces of mercury. A spin-off to DiMartino and Konietzko's previous series Avatar: The Last Airbender, which aired from 2005 to 2008, the series ran for 52 episodes ("chapters"), separated into four seasons ("books"), from April 14, 2012, to December 19, 2014. She found balance and peace within herself. Korra was weak in Legend of Korra because she showed what it was to be human. She not only fought real life monsters but she had a very powerful internal battle within herself. And in the end, she prevailed. She is a survivor and a hero. The Legend of Korra is an excellent television series, to the extent that I reckon Korra is probably a better protagonist than Avatar: The Last Airbenders Aang in most ways. Shes far more complex and has a conviction that allows her to make mistakes and learn from them. 2.7K Takers Personality Quiz. At the present time, seventy years after the end of the Hundred Year War, Korra, a rebellious, seventeen-year-old girl, is set to complete her airbending training and fulfill her role as the Avatar. I'm asking for community feedback here! [36] DiMartino continued in his role as a writer, working alongside writing assistant Katie Mattila, and the Avatar veterans added to the writing team, Tim Hedrick and Joshua Hamilton. Original run For the next seven months, such information was only disseminated by some members of the cast themselves. [44] Studio Mir was expected to solely work on Book 2, but executive director Jae-myung Yoo decided that Studio Mir would animate The Boondocks instead because the animation process was less rigorous. Yes, please refer to this fan created tools license document for our rules and guidelines. A 23" x 16" map of the Avatar world printed on high quality cloth with a White Lotus pai sho tile map marker. Tonraq is the father of Avatar Korra and is quite a talented Waterbender. Avatar: Legend of Korra[1]Avatar: The Legend of Korra[2]The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra[3]The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra[4][5]Legend of Korra[6] [86], Book One: Air drew an average of 3.8 million viewers per episode. By the time the title was changed back, causing another rename of the article, an additional 10,000 comments were on the page. [62] The series's soundtrack was nominated as best TV soundtrack for the 2013 GoldSpirit Awards.[63]. Jeremy ZuckermanBenjamin WynnWang Hong If you have any questions about the project, then please feel free to ask them! [38] In 2011, the title was changed to The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra, and again in March 2012 to The Legend of Korra. Quiz introduction This is out of the new Team Avatar, Tenzin and Lin Beifong. Yoo feared that, if Book 2 failed, Studio Mir and Korean animators would have their reputations tarnished for Pierrot's failures. See More by this Creator. [21] Tenzin's parents Katara (Eva Marie Saint), and Avatar Aang (D. B. Sweeney), main characters of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, also made recurring appearances, along Chris Hardwick and Kate Higgins voiced Sokka and Toph Beifong, also made guest appearances. [29] Set 70 years later, the fighting style in the multicultural Republic City has modernized and blended,[30][31] with the creators incorporating three primary styles: traditional Chinese martial arts, mixed martial arts, and tricking. TV-Y7-FV Cyclically reincarnating among the world's four nations, the Avatar maintains peace and balance in the world. Korra is also supported by General Iroh (Dante Basco, who voiced Zuko in the original series), a member of the United Forces who is described as "a swashbuckling hero-type guy". I encourage you to take a look at the official BtA website, which should be in a pinned post at the top of this subreddit. [153] She is also a playable character in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3: Slime Speedway. This is an unofficial project and we are not affiliated with the original creators, Nickelodeon, [110] Levesley also highlighted the "many examples of well-written women, predominantly of color" in the series. Korra slowly recovers from her mental and physical trauma. Three years later, in 174 AG, the former captain of Zaofu's guard, Kuvira, has been traveling the Earth Kingdom with Bolin, Varrick, and her fiance, Baatar Jr., on a quest to reunite the nation after it fell into disarray following Queen Hou-Ting's death. "[97] And Oliver Sava, for The A.V. Book One: Air features two main adversaries for Korra: the Equalists' masked leader Amon (Steve Blum) who has the power to remove a person's bending-powers,[2][20] and the ambitious, charismatic politician Tarrlok (Dee Bradley Baker), who resorts to increasingly repressive methods against the Equalists. [27] Beyond the viewership numbers, Nickelodeon was convinced to greenlight more episodes, in part, after test audiences responded well to the series' initial episodes, with the network's concerns about the show having a female protagonist being assuaged after Korra received positive reception from male viewers. People diagnosed 5.4 K. Favorites 4. avatar korra bending. Bookmark Quiz Bookmark Quiz Bookmark. The first season, Book One: Air, sees Korra move to Republic City to learn airbending from Tenzin, Avatar Aang's son. WebThis name generator will give you 10 random names fit for the Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra universe. [132][133], In an interview with GLAAD's Raina Deerwater, ND Stevenson, creator of the series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power talked about queer representation in animation, situating The Legend of Korra alongside Steven Universe as an inspiring series that has taught young fans to expect "nothing less than a variety of solid queer representation and central queer characters.". [159] In July 2013, he said that he and DiMartino were far too busy working on multiple seasons of the TV series in parallel to consider developing a film adaptation at that time. Pretty amazing stuff. A velvety soft drawstring bag embroidered with the four symbols of the elements to store your dice! [90] Its first season holds a score of 91% with an average rating of 8.25 out of 10, based on 11 critic reviews, with the website's critical consensus saying, "The Legend of Korra expands the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender with narrative substance and crisp animation and progresses the drama and action with a female lead. Bryan Konietzko later confirmed that Book Two would have 14 episodes, followed by Books Three and Four, each one with 13 episodes. [160] A film centered around Korra and two other films related to Avatar were announced from Paramount and Avatar Studios in June 2022.[161]. [104] Oliver Sava at The A.V. After the conclusion of the Hundred Year War, Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko had brought people from the four nations together and founded the United Republic of Nations, with its capital being Republic City, a large "metropolis powered by steampunk-type technology" such as cars and motorcycles. The site recently revealed that the online shop at Nickelodeon has released several The Legend of Korra products. WebBryan Konietzko was born on 26 May 1976 in the USA. In an interview with the Track Team, it was disclosed that the fifth and sixth episodes will include pro-bending matches. [64], Best Animated Television Production for Children, Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series, Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program, Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role - Television - Young Actress, Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (Joaquim Dos Santos for "Venom of the Red Lotus"), Best Animated Television Production For Children's Audience. [9] The character was inspired by Bryan Konietzko's "pretty tough" sister, and by female MMA fighters, notably Gina Carano. *Pre-order bundles available here: LINK, A tool for any gamemaster! After Nickelodeon cut the season's budget by the amount required for one episode, DiMartino and Konietzko decided to include a clip show, which reuses previously produced animation, as episode 8 ("Remembrances") instead of dismissing many of the creative staff. Users are entered into draws for prizes once they have gained a certain amount of points. [2][13] Asami Sato (Seychelle Gabriel), the only non-bender among the leading characters, is the daughter of the wealthy industrialist Hiroshi Sato.[2]. On the review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the show currently has an average score of 89%, based on critic reviews. Weave tales of self-discovery and action with your team of friends, and go penguin-sledding while you're at it! As a result of a genocide in the series's backstory, there is only one living family of airbenders at the time of the series. WebThe following is a list of characters featured in The Legend of Korra. Core Book Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide Dice Pack Combat Action Deck Journal Pack Cloth Map + Pai Sho Tile Standard Dice Bag, Special Cover Core Book Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide Combat Action Deck Journal Pack Cloth Map + Pai Sho Tile Deluxe Dice Set Deluxe Dice Bag, High Rollers - One Shot - Avatar Legends: The RPG - Episode 1Dicebreaker - Avatar Legends Preview, The Asians Represent Podcast - Designing Avatar Legends: The RPGMeeple University - Avatar Legends Live Q&A, Strange Assembly - Review - Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying GameMeeple Mountain - Avatar Legends: The RPG Review - Bend It Like Bolin. Several people involved in the creation of Avatar: The Last Airbender (such as designer Joaquim Dos Santos, writer Tim Hedrick and composers Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn) returned to work on The Legend of Korra. Michael Dante DiMartinoBryan KonietzkoTim HedrickJoshua HamiltonKatie Mattila They decided to change the final scene from Korra and Asami only holding hands, to also facing each other in a pose referencing the marriage scene a few minutes prior and the pose made by Aang and Katara in the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender.[54]. [55] Zuckerman also took care to develop some of the previous themes from Avatar: The Last Airbender, composing new variations in order to develop a "musical language" for the series' stories. Send a Message. Are there any guidelines for using official Avatar Legends art assets for podcasts, articles, videos, livestreams? Amon's lieutenant is voiced by Lance Henriksen, and Asami's father Hiroshi Sato by Daniel Dae Kim. Quizzes Created-Created Quiz Play Count-More By This Creator. Are there any guidelines on designing or publishing fan made digital tools for the game? [25] Studio Mir also collaborated extensively with Nickelodeon's in-house computer graphics studio during the series' final season, as Book Four saw an increased use of CG animation, particularly when it came to character animation for the CG-modeled mecha suits. They are defeated by Korra's friends and the new airbenders, but Korra is severely injured and psychologically traumatized. [50] Studio Mir was helped by its companion studio, a subunit called Studio Reve, while working on Book 4. [28][32], Chinese martial arts instructor Sifu Kisu consulted on Avatar: The Last Airbender, and returned as a consultant for the fight scenes in The Legend of Korra. See the Character page for the previous series for tropes regarding the Avatar entity in general. Unlike its predecessor, the series was broadcast in high-definition. On July 16, 2013, Nickelodeon and Sony Music Entertainment's Legacy Recordings released The Legend of Korra: Original Music from Book One. The Legend of Korra received praise for its production values, the quality of its writing, its challenging themes and its transgression of the conventions of youth entertainment. [4] The series was expanded further in July 2012 to 52 episodes. Channel [9] Korra must fight rampant crime and the Anti-bending Revolution, assisted by two brothers, Mako, a firebender, and Bolin, an earthbender. Both Amon and Tarrlok are identified as the sons of mob boss Yakone (Clancy Brown). Book Two: Spirits features Tenzin's and Korra's families, including Tenzin's elder siblings Kya (Lisa Edelstein) and Bumi (Richard Riehle) as well as Korra's father Tonraq (James Remar) and mother Senna (Alex McKenna). THE LEGEND OF KORRA is a registered trademark of Viacom International: US Trademark No. According to critic Mike Hoffman, the romantic interests of Korra and her companions are less in the foreground than in Avatar, and feature mainly in the first two seasons. [34] Production for Book Three saw several changes to the staff working on the show. Tenzin's family include his wife Pema (Maria Bamford) and their children Jinora (Kiernan Shipka), Ikki (Darcy Rose Byrnes), Meelo (Logan Wells), and Rohan. It was broadcast in other countries on the local Nickelodeon channels beginning in August 2012. [143] It contained material such as concept art, character biographies, animatics and storyboards. Chit Sang's girlfriend. [60] The air date was also released via this promotional effort,[61] and new material continues to be released on a regular basis several times a week. For example, on the "Wanted" posters seen in the episode "The Stakeout", the names of the protagonists are written as (Korra), (Mako) and (Bolin). Her transformation "from brash warrior to a spiritual being", according to DiMartino, is a principal theme of the series. The season premiered with 1.5 million viewers. [18][19][20], A change in the working title of the show to The Legend of Korra was unveiled in March 2011, along with an announcement that the premiere would be delayed until 2012. [35][36] Tentatively titled Avatar: Legend of Korra at the time, it was intended to be a twelve-episode[37] mini series set in the same fictional universe as the original show,[36] but seventy years later. Copies of this promotional poster were distributed at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. The following table indicates the release dates of the DVD and Blu-ray versions of the series: The series premiere averaged 4.5 million viewers, ranking it as basic cable's number-one kids' show and top animated program for the week with total viewers. Most fans are young adults, according to The Escapist, but many are children and younger teenagers. 1. The series has been lauded for its writing and production values, and has been nominated for and won awards such as the Annie Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, and a Gracie Award. A molded tile that you can use as a map marker, balance tracker, or token! A pack of five saddle-stitched 6"x9" booklets with approximately 30 blank pages for campaign and player notes. [62] The average tomatometer score of The Legend of Korra is 89%, with an average audience review of 78%. Their belief that disorder is the natural order poses a lethal threat to Korra and she must fight to save not only the balance of the nations in the world, but also herself and the Avatar Cycle. Early fan interest in the series was extremely high. IDW Publishing released a series of board games based on The Legend of Korra. This was the highest audience total for an animated series in the United States in 2012. However, Konietzko also mentioned in the same interview that it was not up to them to greenlight new seasons. 1 The second game, The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins, is a turn-based strategy game developed by Webfoot Technologies for the Nintendo 3DS. The third season (Book Three: Change) began airing on Nickelodeon in the United States on June 27, 2014, also on Friday evenings, two episodes at a time. [148], Book One: Air was adapted as two novels by Erica David, aimed at readers ages twelve and up. It was nominated for two more IGN awards, being nominated for "Best TV Animated Series" and winning the "IGN People's Choice Award" for the second year in a row. The series' final scene, intended to depict the beginning of a same-sex romance between Korra and Asami Sato, was unprecedented at the time and has been credited with paving the way for LGBT representation in children's television programming. In June 2012, the creators stated that Book Two's writing was complete and it was in the process of being animated and storyboarded. Otherwise, you have complete and creative freedom to make the character! Animation on the first "season" of twelve episodes by Studio Mir was underway as of March 2011, with initial development and voice recording for these episodes already completed. The Legend of Korra may not have the laser-tight focus on martial arts that Avatar: The Last Airbender does, but it provided fans with a cast of characters that were flexible and powerful. Konietzko related that in test screenings, boys said that Korra being a girl did not matter to them. In the second season, Book Two: Spirits, Korra's uncle Unalaq, chief of the Northern Water Tribe, seizes power in the southern tribe. Kana's Korner Interview with Richard Epcar, Comic-Con 2010: Avatar Composer Confirmed for, The musical themes of Avatar: An Avatar News interview with Jeremy Zuckerman, the composer of, New Animated Series Make Inroads in Ratings, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. It allows us to focus much more closely on each episode and get a lot more craft into it."[3]. Republic City was the main setting for Book One: Air. ", "Friday Cable Ratings: 'Girl Meets World' Tops Night + 'Zapped', 'Friday Night SmackDown', 'Jessie' & More", "A few preemptive words about Episode 408, "Remembrances"", "Comic-Con 2014: 'The Legend of Korra' Panel", "SeptBender Interview: Jeremy Zuckerman discusses music-bending on 'The Legend of Korra', "Eagle Rock and Silver Lake musical duo hit the right note with animated series", "Listen to Two Exclusive Clips From the Legend of Korra Soundtrack", "Listen to An Exclusive Music Track from 'The Legend of Korra', "Jeremy Zuckerman & Benjamin Wynn to Participate in PlayFest", "Premios: Las Mejores BSOs: GoldSpirit XIII edicin", "Nick Pull Korra from Airwaves; Web Only", "Creators of The Legend of Korra Explain the Show's Not-Cancellation", "Nickelodeon Comes To Its Senses, Brings Legend Of Korra Back To TV", "The Legend of Korra: un projet pour le doublage franais de la srie anime", "Films board bans six TV programs 'for promoting homosexuality', "Legend of Korra's messy, complicated legacy", "The Legend of Korra Book One: Air Exclusive Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date and Cover Art Reveal, "The Legend of Korra: Book Two Spirits (Volumes 1 & 2) [DVD]", "The Legend of Korra Blu-ray and DVD Versions Announced for 'Book 3: Changes', "Legend of Korra: Book Three Change [DVD]", "The Legend of Korra: Book Three Change [Blu-ray]", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK FOUR BLU-RAY AND DVD COVER REVEALED", "Legend of Korra Book Four: Balance [DVD] [2014]", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK FOUR BLU-RAY AND DVD RELEASE DATE", "The Legend Of Korra: The Complete Series", "Debut of Nickelodeon's 'The Legend of Korra' Draws 4.5 Million Viewers", "New Animated Series Make Inroads in Ratings", "Nickelodeon's new 'Legend of Korra' puts a kick into animated female heroes", "The Legend of Korra Season Two Premiere Recap: Rebel Spirits/The Southern Lights", "Review: The Legend Of Korra: "Into The Void"/"Venom Of The Red Lotus", "Why Legend of Korra Is the Smartest Cartoon on TV", "The Legend of Korra: A TV Show for Kids With Serious Appeal for Adults", "The Legend of Korra Book 2 Premiere Review: Smells Like Angry Spirit", "Has 'The Legend Of Korra' Created A New Television Genre?

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